FAQ about Jang E Ping

Jang E Ping photo

Country, Aliases, Eye Color, Hair Color, etc.

Where is Jang E Ping from?

Jang E Ping from Thailand.

Does Jang E Ping have other names or aliases?

Yes, Jang E Ping is also known as Lam Lai Fong, Christina Yho.

What color are Jang E Ping's eyes?

Jang E Ping’s eyes are brown.

What color is Jang E Ping's hair?

Jang E Ping’s hair is brown.

What is Jang E Ping's waist size?

Jang E Ping’s waist is 23in (58cm).

What is Jang E Ping's hip size?

Jang E Ping’s hip is 35in (88cm).

Does Jang E Ping have tattoos?

No Tattoos.

Does Jang E Ping have piercings?


What ethnicity is Jang E Ping?

Jang E Ping is Asian.

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