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When is Jang Yoon-ju's birthday?

Jang Yoon-ju was born on November 07, 1980.

How old is Jang Yoon-ju?

Jang Yoon-ju is 42.

What is Jang Yoon-ju's zodiac sign?

Jang Yoon-ju’s zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Where is Jang Yoon-ju from?

Jang Yoon-ju from South Korea.

What color are Jang Yoon-ju's eyes?

Jang Yoon-ju’s eyes are brown.

What color is Jang Yoon-ju's hair?

Jang Yoon-ju’s hair is brown.

How tall is Jang Yoon-ju?

Jang Yoon-ju is 5ft 8in (175cm) tall.

What is Jang Yoon-ju's waist size?

Jang Yoon-ju’s waist is 24in (60cm).

What is Jang Yoon-ju's hip size?

Jang Yoon-ju’s hip is 36in (91cm).

Does Jang Yoon-ju have tattoos?


Does Jang Yoon-ju have piercings?


What ethnicity is Jang Yoon-ju?

Jang Yoon-ju is Asian.

Does Jang Yoon-ju have Facebook?

Yes. Jang Yoon-ju’s Facebook is JANGYOONJU.

Does Jang Yoon-ju have Instagram?

Yes. Jang Yoon-ju’s Instagram is @yoonjujang.

Does Jang Yoon-ju have Twitter?

Yes. Jang Yoon-ju’s Twitter is @JANGYOONJU.

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