FAQ about Jenna C

Jenna C photo

Country, Aliases, Boob Job, etc.

Where is Jenna C from?

Jenna C from United States.

Does Jenna C have other names or aliases?

Yes, Jenna C is also known as Jenna Charlette.

Did Jenna C get a boob job?

Yes. Jenna C have fake boobs.

Does Jenna C have natural boobs or implants?

Jenna C have fake boobs.

What color are Jenna C's eyes?

Jenna C’s eyes are brown.

What color is Jenna C's hair?

Jenna C’s hair is brown.

Does Jenna C have tattoos?


Does Jenna C have piercings?


What ethnicity is Jenna C?

Jenna C is Latin.

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