FAQ about Jennifer Ann

Country, Aliases, Boob Job, Bra Size, etc.

Where is Jennifer Ann from?

Jennifer Ann from United Kingdom.

Where was Jennifer Ann born?

Jennifer Ann was born in London, England.

Does Jennifer Ann have other names or aliases?

Yes, Jennifer Ann is also known as Jennifer Cooper.

Did Jennifer Ann get a boob job?

Yes. Jennifer Ann have fake boobs.

Does Jennifer Ann have natural boobs or implants?

Jennifer Ann have fake boobs.

What is Jennifer Ann's boob size?

Jennifer Ann’s boob size is 34DD.

What is Jennifer Ann's chest size?

Jennifer Ann’s chest is 34in (86cm).

What color are Jennifer Ann's eyes?

Jennifer Ann’s eyes are blue.

What color is Jennifer Ann's hair?

Jennifer Ann’s hair is brown.

How tall is Jennifer Ann?

Jennifer Ann is 5ft 8in (175cm) tall.

What is Jennifer Ann's shoe size?

Jennifer Ann’s shoe size 40 eu.

Does Jennifer Ann have tattoos?

Stars On Left Hip; Script On Right Hip; Heart On Right Wrist.

Does Jennifer Ann have piercings?

Navel; Right Nipple.

What ethnicity is Jennifer Ann?

Jennifer Ann is Caucasian.

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