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Age, Country, Aliases, Boob Job, Social Links, etc.

When is Angie Lynx's birthday?

Angie Lynx was born on January 22, 1994.

How old is Angie Lynx?

Angie Lynx is 30.

What is Angie Lynx's zodiac sign?

Angie Lynx’s zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Where is Angie Lynx from?

Angie Lynx from Finland.

Where was Angie Lynx born?

Angie Lynx was born in Helsinki.

Does Angie Lynx have other names or aliases?

Yes, Angie Lynx is also known as Angie Lee.

Did Angie Lynx get a boob job?

Yes. Angie Lynx have fake boobs.

Does Angie Lynx have natural boobs or implants?

Angie Lynx have fake boobs.

What color are Angie Lynx's eyes?

Angie Lynx’s eyes are blue.

What color is Angie Lynx's hair?

Angie Lynx’s hair is brown.

How tall is Angie Lynx?

Angie Lynx is 4ft 11in (152cm) tall.

What does Angie Lynx weigh?

Angie Lynx weighs 110lbs (50kg).

Does Angie Lynx have tattoos?

Star On Right Shoulder; “Only God Can Judge Me” Across Upper Chest; Right Side Of Upper Chest; Left Buttocks; Circle Of Text On Back Of Left Calf.

Does Angie Lynx have piercings?

Nipples; Clitoris.

What ethnicity is Angie Lynx?

Angie Lynx is Caucasian.

Does Angie Lynx have Twitter?

Yes. Angie Lynx’s Twitter is @angielynxxx.

Does Angie Lynx have Facebook?

Yes. Angie Lynx’s Facebook is angielynxofficial.

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