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When is Asal Bargh's birthday?

Asal Bargh was born on November 26, 1989.

How old is Asal Bargh?

Asal Bargh is 34.

What is Asal Bargh's zodiac sign?

Asal Bargh’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Where is Asal Bargh from?

Asal Bargh from Finland.

What is Asal Bargh's boob size?

Asal Bargh’s boob size is 65J.

What is Asal Bargh's chest size?

Asal Bargh’s chest is 65in (165cm).

What color are Asal Bargh's eyes?

Asal Bargh’s eyes are brown.

What color is Asal Bargh's hair?

Asal Bargh’s hair is black.

How tall is Asal Bargh?

Asal Bargh is 5ft 8in (174cm) tall.

What does Asal Bargh weigh?

Asal Bargh weighs 141lbs (64kg).

What is Asal Bargh's waist size?

Asal Bargh’s waist is 26in (66cm).

What is Asal Bargh's hip size?

Asal Bargh’s hip is 41in (104cm).

What are Asal Bargh's body measurements?

Asal Bargh’s body measurements are 65-26-41in (165-66-104cm).

Does Asal Bargh have tattoos?


Does Asal Bargh have piercings?

No Piercings.

Does Asal Bargh have Twitter?

Yes. Asal Bargh’s Twitter is @AsalBargh.

Does Asal Bargh have Facebook?

Yes. Asal Bargh’s Facebook is asal.bargh.

Does Asal Bargh have Instagram?

Yes. Asal Bargh’s Instagram is @asalbargh.

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  1. Maybe you got the breast size wrong? Maybe her CUP size is 65J in euro sizes. US that is 30i. That would make her brest about 40 inches. 40-26-41.

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