FAQ about Dakota A

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Age, Country, Aliases, Boob Job, etc.

When is Dakota A's birthday?

Dakota A was born on July 20, 1993.

How old is Dakota A?

Dakota A is 30.

What is Dakota A's zodiac sign?

Dakota A’s zodiac sign is Cancer.

Where is Dakota A from?

Dakota A from Ukraine.

Where was Dakota A born?

Dakota A was born in Kiev.

Does Dakota A have other names or aliases?

Yes, Dakota A is also known as Dakota A Halley, Dakota, Dakota Haux.

Did Dakota A get a boob job?

No. Dakota A have natural boobs.

Does Dakota A have natural breasts or implants?

Dakota A doesn’t have implants. She has natural breasts.

What color are Dakota A's eyes?

Dakota A’s eyes are blue.

What color is Dakota A's hair?

Dakota A’s hair is brown.

How tall is Dakota A?

Dakota A is 5ft 4in (163cm) tall.

What does Dakota A weigh?

Dakota A weighs 101lbs (46kg).

What is Dakota A's waist size?

Dakota A’s waist is 24in (60cm).

What is Dakota A's hip size?

Dakota A’s hip is 35in (88cm).

Does Dakota A have tattoos?

No Tattoos.

Does Dakota A have piercings?

No Piercings.

What ethnicity is Dakota A?

Dakota A is Caucasian.

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