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Age, Country, Aliases, Boob Job, Bra Size, Body Measurements, Social Links, etc.

When is Kali Roses's birthday?

Kali Roses was born on January 16, 1996.

How old is Kali Roses?

Kali Roses is 27.

What is Kali Roses's zodiac sign?

Kali Roses’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Where is Kali Roses from?

Kali Roses from United States.

Where was Kali Roses born?

Kali Roses was born in Los Angeles, CA – California.

Does Kali Roses have other names or aliases?

Yes, Kali Roses is also known as Kali Rose.

Did Kali Roses get a boob job?

Yes. Kali Roses have fake boobs.

Does Kali Roses have natural boobs or implants?

Kali Roses have fake boobs.

What is Kali Roses's boob size?

Kali Roses’s boob size is 32D.

What is Kali Roses's chest size?

Kali Roses’s chest is 36in (91cm).

What color are Kali Roses's eyes?

Kali Roses’s eyes are green.

What color is Kali Roses's hair?

Kali Roses’s hair is blonde.

How tall is Kali Roses?

Kali Roses is 5ft 5in (167cm) tall.

What does Kali Roses weigh?

Kali Roses weighs 114lbs (52kg).

What is Kali Roses's waist size?

Kali Roses’s waist is 25in (63cm).

What is Kali Roses's hip size?

Kali Roses’s hip is 30in (76cm).

What are Kali Roses's body measurements?

Kali Roses’s body measurements are 36-25-30in (91-63-76cm).

What is Kali Roses's shoe size?

Kali Roses’s shoe size 38 eu.

Does Kali Roses have tattoos?

A Rose And “Kali” On Back Left Thigh; “Roses” On Back Right Thigh; Roses And “Guard The Garden By The Roses, Never The Fallen Petals” On Left Side Of Back; Leaves And “Never Run Faster Then Your Guardian Angels Can Fly” On Right Side; Behind Left Ear.

Does Kali Roses have piercings?

Both Nipples; Navel.

What ethnicity is Kali Roses?

Kali Roses is Caucasian.

Does Kali Roses have Instagram?

Yes. Kali Roses’s Instagram is @therealkaliroses.

Does Kali Roses have Twitter?

Yes. Kali Roses’s Twitter is @kaliroses.

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  1. This page is not up to date as of August 2022 obviously since Kali has gotten new enhanced breasts during the end of covid after she was done with a inpatient program that she went to for her now old problem with using Xanax and also sniffing cocaine for several years when she was turning into a big name in the industry and in my personal opinion I believe when she quit doing powder and Xanax and I also believe she quit drinking as well which is really intelligent for her and her personal life plus her adult sexual career. She admitted recently in a newer interview in late 2021 that she was done with her program and had started smoking chronic again and told her therapist during her program she was going to smoke right after completing it which is honest and shows how much she is and I quit drinking years ago and doing Xanax because they make people lose track of days at a time during Xanax usage and she said she liked to mix Xanax and cocaine at the same time which is very dangerous for anyone and I admit doing Xanax and cocaine for days and days is my favorite thing I ever did and having sex on them is like nothing else in this world and I would hate to ruin Kali’s sobriety relating to doing hard drugs and drinking alcohol but if I had my one choice to hang out with any girl in this world for a whole week she would be my pick of the litter every single time as long as we both were doing mad powder and not drinking or anything else other than smoking mad blunts and once or twice during our week-long fun time pop a few Xanax to enhance our sex and the way Kali has grown up in front of our eyes from a skinny white teenage girl with small natural tits and right before she got her tits enhanced I thought she couldn’t be anymore hotter having gained weight and when she got fake tits at first it made me think I didn’t like her at all anymore but she grew on me and as of this moment she looks like no other person can be good enough to be allowed to stand beside her. I actually hate fake breasts but she is my only exception. I just saw a short clip of her and Damien smoking a blunt and then fucking but it was only one minute. She would have overlooked a gee up her nose in minutes of being my guest and her huge fake tits with those nipple piercings would be covered in semen

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