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When is Laura Orsolya's birthday?

Laura Orsolya was born on April 10, 1976.

How old is Laura Orsolya?

Laura Orsolya is 47.

What is Laura Orsolya's zodiac sign?

Laura Orsolya’s zodiac sign is Aries.

Where is Laura Orsolya from?

Laura Orsolya from Hungary.

Where was Laura Orsolya born?

Laura Orsolya was born in Budapest, Other.

Does Laura Orsolya have other names or aliases?

Yes, Laura Orsolya is also known as Laura Orsoia, Tatiana Galore, Kupai Molnar Orsi.

Did Laura Orsolya get a boob job?

No. Laura Orsolya have natural boobs.

Does Laura Orsolya have natural breasts or implants?

Laura Orsolya doesn’t have implants. She has natural breasts.

What is Laura Orsolya's boob size?

Laura Orsolya’s boob size is 38FF.

What is Laura Orsolya's chest size?

Laura Orsolya’s chest is 38in (96cm).

What color are Laura Orsolya's eyes?

Laura Orsolya’s eyes are green.

What color is Laura Orsolya's hair?

Laura Orsolya’s hair is blonde.

How tall is Laura Orsolya?

Laura Orsolya is 5ft 10in (178cm) tall.

What does Laura Orsolya weigh?

Laura Orsolya weighs 138lbs (63kg).

What is Laura Orsolya's waist size?

Laura Orsolya’s waist is 32in (81cm).

What is Laura Orsolya's hip size?

Laura Orsolya’s hip is 42in (106cm).

What are Laura Orsolya's body measurements?

Laura Orsolya’s body measurements are 38-32-42in (96-81-106cm).

What is Laura Orsolya's shoe size?

Laura Orsolya’s shoe size 41 eu.

Does Laura Orsolya have tattoos?

Barbed Wire Around Left Upper Arm; Head Of A Ram Right Upper Arm; Four Five Pointed Stars Inside Left Forearm; Three Asian Characters Inside Right Forearm; Pubic Region; Letters And Tribal Outside Left Lower Leg; Outside Right Lower Leg Down To Foot.

Does Laura Orsolya have piercings?

No Piercings.

What ethnicity is Laura Orsolya?

Laura Orsolya is Caucasian.

Does Laura Orsolya have Twitter?

Yes. Laura Orsolya’s Twitter is @laura_orsolya.

Does Laura Orsolya have Facebook?

Yes. Laura Orsolya’s Facebook is laura.orsolya.1.

Does Laura Orsolya have Instagram?

Yes. Laura Orsolya’s Instagram is @orsolya.laura.

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