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Where is Yumi Lambert from?

Yumi Lambert from Belgium.

Where was Yumi Lambert born?

Yumi Lambert was born in Jodoigne, Walloon Brabant.

Does Yumi Lambert have other names or aliases?

Yes, Yumi Lambert is also known as Laura Yumi Lambert.

What color are Yumi Lambert's eyes?

Yumi Lambert’s eyes are green.

What color is Yumi Lambert's hair?

Yumi Lambert’s hair is brown.

How tall is Yumi Lambert?

Yumi Lambert is 5ft 10in (178cm) tall.

What is Yumi Lambert's waist size?

Yumi Lambert’s waist is 24in (60cm).

What is Yumi Lambert's hip size?

Yumi Lambert’s hip is 35in (88cm).

What is Yumi Lambert's shoe size?

Yumi Lambert’s shoe size 39 eu.

Does Yumi Lambert have tattoos?


Does Yumi Lambert have piercings?


What ethnicity is Yumi Lambert?

Yumi Lambert is Caucasian.

Does Yumi Lambert have Instagram?

Yes. Yumi Lambert’s Instagram is @yumilambert.

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